Does Volumio load the entire music file into ram?

Does Volumio use the cool techique of loading the entire music file into Raspberry Pi ram so that it is processed from ram instead of ongoingly streamed from the network to ram to the processor? Hope this isn’t too obvious, but most Mac music programs do this and, when asked if Volumio/DigiOne did this, I couldn’t answer.

Thanks in advance.

Do Volumio staff monitor this board? My question about music files loading into ram would be easily answered by someone…

No, but you can set the mpd’s buffer size and how much it is filled before play commences.

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No, we don’t load files in RAM before playback.
This is because I’ve tested this mode personally (on Volumio 1.5) some years ago with an audio precisions equipment.
The results showed that loading files on RAM before playing them (on Volumio on raspberry pi) did not produce any improvement (measured) compared to loading from NAS/USB

Thank you very much for your reply, Michelangelo. Good to know. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. My system (DigiOne Player running Volumio) sounds pretty darn good!