Does the Volumio support sharing music folders?

I can see my music folders when I connect with VLC player from my Windows 7 system.

Can you include a way to make those visible since Linux offers packages for that?
This would be great for updating the content on the box.

I didn’t see this topic mentioned in the FAQ. I’ll look through the help pages again.

( on my Win7 System )
I went to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Advanced sharing settings
Under network discovery made sure ‘* Turn on network discovery’ was selected.
(for some reason it was greyed out until I rebooted)

Opening Explorer only shows the VolumioXX device by name and gives properties when double-clicked.
But, when I typed “\VolumioXX” on the command line I was able to see an Internal Folder, USB folder, and NAS folder.
Only the USB folder had an item which was the volume name of the pen drive inserted on the Volumio device.

I’ll add more as I discover it.