Does more expensive micro sd decrease booting time?

Hi to everyone. Today I tried a new microsd (Sandisk Extreme) and compared to my previous (Sandisk Utra). I was expencting less time needed to start the system but I didn’t notice any difference.
Do you tried different microsd (also better than Sandisk Extreme)? Are there microsd able to decrease the booting time?

Note: the Sandisk Ultra is 64gb and the Extreme is 128gb. I don’t know if the different capacity has any influence on the performance.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Extreme has gross the double speed of Ultra. You wont find much improvement with any SD-Card > 15MB/s. Simply because you won’t notice the difference between 10 or 11 seconds. You still need the rPi to execute code. The more smaller files that need to be read, the more read activity that needs to be done, the longer it takes. Current SD-Cards can handle 100.000 writes per cell before it’s worn out. Their is a mechanism in place that make sure that every cell is written equally.

Thanks a lot…

It seems to me volumio interface is fastest with Extreme than with Ultra one. Could be only a placebo effect since Volumio should be run entirely on ram with no need to write or read on the microsd, right?

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What I have understood, yes.

The performances benefits you might get could be just aster writes (for example CD ripping to internal memory).

I don’t think you are going to get a tangible benefit in boot times

I disagree, tested it multiple times and only use extremes. Also the flashing time is much faster :slight_smile:

Of course its not a night and day difference (and only at boot time - nothing else) but it is noticable.