Does Intel NUC7CJYH output audio through HDMI and optical? P

I installed OS Volumio on my Intel NUC7CJYH mini PC, but the sound could not be output through the optical and HDMI ports. Only export via 3.5mm port. In the Playback Option section, there is only Intel HDA instead of the computer with Analog or HDMI option. Please help me. Sincerely thank you!!!

Please help!!!

Your problems are caused by the old kernel and missing firmware with the released version, there is nothing we can do about that.
However, next week (or the week after) we hope to release a Debian buster based alpha version. This one uses the latest kernel and frmware and we will keep it up-to-date. It works fine with a NUC7i3BNH (one of my test machines), so yours should probably be ok as well.
You can check this (unsupported, not quite complete) version. It has no upnp support and loading music from a removable usb drive may not work yet, otherwise it should be ok:

Could you also give us the result of aplay -l
This will help us set the correct profile for the integrated HD Audio, which I realize, might still be incorrect on the above version.
But I can help witha quick fix when this is the case, it could actually also solve the issue with the released version.

Thank you to the admin for helping. I have started and set up initially successfully. And there was an HDMI option. But then it hung up. I could not choose any more. Please help me. Sincerely thank you!

I rebooted the device and got through the setup. I copied a music file to play it, it did sound through HDMI. However, the music file only played for three seconds and the device hung. I could do nothing more. Please admin, please help me. Sincerely thank you!

Everything is almost perfect without device crashes. The sound came from the HDMI port and it sounded good. It only ran for three seconds. I am looking forward to an official release for the best experience. Volumio is amazing. I was surprised with its almost unlimited ability to play music. Thank you very much for the team that created it.

I changed the update to 2.703. I am very happy because of that. Did not know this day Intel NUC7CJYH has been released yet? Please let me know that I have the best looking version of this version on my device. Thank you!

I’m glad there was a new release version 2.703. However, the version 2,700 times before that the board sent me to customize the source is hdmi. But this version is not available. Still only the HDA INTEL option. Whether in the next version, INTEL NUC7CJYH can use the source is HDMI yet. Thank you!

Please help me to get the full VOLUMIO experience on NUC7CJYH. Many thanks!

You may be needing a newer Volumio X86 version as discussed here, we are taking hardware support as a priority.

Thank the admin. I am very happy for this. I will try and report back after use. It’s really great to have timely support for new hardware from the Volumio team. Thank you so much!