Does ethernet tethering work with Volumio?

Hi, I have an exceptionally odd setup. I followed a lead that probably wasn’t actually implemented in real world. So my phone keeps changing it’s IP address that it hands out for hotspots and I don’t have monitor access to quickly check that IP. My thinking is I can just physically plug into my device with USB-C to ethernet tethering? That would be awesome, because I am sure I won’t be able to convince Google to add that feature.

Besides the fact that it is almost impossible to understand what you have done, you did something that messes up the hotspot functionality of you phone, your trying to find a way to support your tinkering?
I would suggest to solve the source of your issue and not trying to solve the result of your tinkering.

I didn’t mess up my hotspot. I was hoping to keep it short about my Raspberry Pi because it was complicated (I’ve made 2 other posts about it) and someone really smart here could confirm some compatibility questions. It seems a major design flaw (thanks google) to consider a phone an end device but also give it hotspot capability, without router features like setting a static IP.
I didn’t think to take a tethering solution into it because I thought the Pi was strictly internet over wifi or ethernet port, tethering and how it works is still new to me.
This was from Reddit:
“The Pixel Hotspot randomizes the gateway it broadcasts causing the subnet to change. Due to that you will not be able to set a static IP. Maybe try testing a 3rd party Hotspot app or try USB, Bluetooth, or ethernet tethering.”

Yes, this is by android design. On some models you can see the connected device list from the hotspot settings with the IP addresses assigned to each.(Ie. samsung devices does have that)

but what does it matter in the end what the IP address is? If its important for you to know it, you can always use some network scanner app to find the devices within the hotspot.

Because when I get it connected the app doesn’t work, and I usually connect by typing in the IP into my browser and it’s been fine. But I have to pull everything out to do that which takes a while.

AHH thank you internet people! I just bought a USB-C to Ethernet and it works! I turned the hotspot off and still had control of my music. I guess this is similar to why HDMI is also becoming a standard cable. HDMI tried with HEC ports to support ethernet but it didn’t get very fast which is why those wires were opened up for better audio for your TV or something. Then came USB-C which seems to be compatible with HDMI, Ethernet and power etc…

**I might only come back with 1 more reply in case I turn the car on and it still changes the IP on each start. I don’t think it will and in that case it’s still directly connected so the app should at least still see my Pi.

Marked as solved. I went back to make sure the IP stayed the same with a cable and it did. I might send google a improvement suggestion for the hotspot thing.

Yea…I spoke too soon. The ethernet method saps the power pretty quick, and eventually it dropped the IP. Not sure how yet. I definitely need google to let me choose a static IP.

I just read another hotspot issue from 2 years ago from dk13 and it sounds like they had the same problem. I am seeing a lot that the app works when I am at home, but I have to resort to manual IP entry when I am away. Sadly it sounds like the only fix is to switch to Volumio v.3 and if that’s the case I am not buying anything. The Pi needs to drop in price before I continue this. I can’t get v.3 to work on a Pi 2B so I am stuck right now…

My last topic post is the solution to all of this. Thanks Joni_Salminen!