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Has the official documentation ( betrayed you when you most needed it? Let us know here.

Please describe where you think the docs could/should be more detailed, we’ll do our best to improve them!

Alternatively you could go ahead and change them yourself here!
Contributing to the docs is explained more in detail here

Personally I don’t like the structure of the section ‘Plugin System’.

The part about the index.js is too big. You get lost so easily when you are reading it. I would prefer to split it up into several parts.

If you want to split, this might be a good idea. Since I just merged your PR, feel free to make further adjustments!

I have started with my docu updates and created a PR. :slight_smile:

Further suggestions will follow.

Merged, thanks!

Wow that was the music system I was dreaming about since a while!!

Took me a few hours to make it work though. Two things that could be added to the documentation that would have helped:

  1. Tracks are not scanned from a USB flash drive if its filesystem is ext4 (although we can see them from a ssh session). I don’t know if that’s a bug or it just hasn’t been implemented yet, but in any case that would have been helpful to know.

  2. If files are copied directly to the SD card from a ext4 filesystem (for example the aforementioned USB flash drive), insufficient access rights may prevent the tracks from being scanned (in which case changing them to 777 solve the problem).


Just in the process of adding some FAQs to the documentation. If there was one FAQ that you (the Community) would have wished for when first installing Volumio, what would it be? Feel free to contribute more than one :wink:

Please add additional instructions on how/where to login to SSH and a bit of info on what SSH is. Like many new users, I have no prior knowledge of Linux/Pi. This documentation only provides the login details, assuming that everyone knows what SSH is.

Hi there,

It seems that the System Architecture illustration image on this page is not available anymore or has been moved ! … cture.html

You’re right! I was actually looking for it some days ago and I thought I was crazy and probably just dreamed it up ever being there, well guess I’m not so crazy after all! Will see if someone can reupload it.
Like to add

with the advanced NFS options. Synology now uses newer NFS.


I encounted to missing information in volumio documentation. I want create special configuration to my xiaomi IR remote controll. When you look into current IR configurations ( … lient.html). Few examples:

(Apple Remote A1156 lircrc)
button = KEY_PLAY
config = /usr/local/bin/volumio toggle

button = KEY_MENU
config = /usr/local/bin/volumio random

(Apple Remote A1294 lircrc)
button = KEY_ENTER
config = /usr/local/bin/volumio volume toggle

(JustBoom IR Remote lircrc)
button = Back
config = /usr/local/bin/volumio repeat

button = Home
config = /usr/local/bin/volumio clear
(this command is perfect example. What is “clear” doing???)

(Arcam ir-DAC-II Remote lircrc)
button = KEY_STOP
config = /usr/local/bin/volumio stop

What is needed?

  • Improve documentation on web
  • Improve documentation in volumio binary. Result of the command “volumio --help” does not match web documentation nor functionality
  • Please If you can, move section Good to Knows->Command_Line_Client into section API->Command_Line_Client. I try read documentation before ask, but place of “Command_Line_Client” is confusing for me. I want control volumio, I search in “API” not in “Good to Knows”.
  • It is possible update ir_controller plugin for more remote controlls? I see in GIT IR controllers like Apple Remote A1294, Arcam ir-DAC-II Remote, Denon Remote RC-1204, Samsung AA59-00431A, Samsung_BN59-006XXA, XBox One Remote, Yamaha RAV363


Feel free to send a PR for your remote conf !
We are working to improve the documentation. We agree some part need to be move.
It’s not so easy to do that…
But same than for plugin, you can send a PR with what you think/want to see.
Thanks !

I don’t know what is PR. Public Relations? :slight_smile:

a PR is a PULL REQUEST in github…
for the doc contribution, have a look here :

I’m going to move section as you suggested and add some missing configuration keys. :wink:

I have updated the doc according to your suggestions. To be finished… :wink:

Wow. Thank you for quick improvement. I have account on github but I don’t use it. But I will try make my first pull request for my remote controll. It will be nice use my IR controll in UI without setting via SSH.

Hi balbuze , I tried make simple pull request for documentaion. I added toggle options to documentaion. Can you check it?

I merged it :wink:

I made PR in ir controller plugin yesterday. But I don’t have any response. Shall I send to someone message? Balbuze, your merge was quick, but I’m confused now.