Docker under Volumio OS x86

Hi everybody!
I would like to use docker under x86 Volumio OS.
I installed docker and portainer, but I can’t open it on port 9000 because it always redirects to volumio webui.
I would like to combine volumio and NAS (FTP and smb shares, torrent downloads) on the same computer.

How can I reach portainer on port 9000?


This is a very confusing posting.
You’ve installed volumio-x86 on a PC and docker+portainer within Volumio?
Which port are you using when starting portainer? -p 9000:9000 (legacy) or -p 9443:9443 or…?

The port I set for portainer is 9000.

I think it’s some setting in volumio to redirect any typed port number to the default webui port 3000.
Can this be turned off so I can use Portainer?

All depends what has been installed or activated within Volumio.
9000 is not part of Volumio’s used ports.
For example on my Volumio-x86 system, 9000 is used for LMS not for Volumio.
I would suggest to use the default port 9443. Not much support I can give.
Maybe some other community member.

Now it works on port 9000, I don’t know what the problem was.
Thanks for your help.