Do I need DAC when using SPDIF?

Hi, I’m new to volumino and would like to know how to connect the RP2 the best way to an amp.
Can I use something like Hifiberry Digi+ on top of RP2 and connect it directly with SPDIF input in my amp? Are there any advantages when using extra DAC?
The amp has subwoofer output. Would it be useable with SPDIF?

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For more information and details look at the seperate DAC section on this forum. I think this question should go there to get the best answers.

To answer your question: YES
Using the Hifiberry Digi+ (get the version WITH output transformer) you can get an SPDIF signal to transport to your receiver over COAX or TOSLINK/OPTICAL.

When you have the choice, go for COAX as it allows for transporting higher bit-rates then OPTICAL. Make sure you get a proper shielded cable for the COAX transport. (for example

Although OPTICAL transport does not ‘suffer’ from interference, you have 2 electrical/optical conversion to deal with that could harm the signal quality as well.

Another (big) advantage for choosing the SPDIF route over using a RPI(2) HAT-DAC, is that in case you are not satisfied with the D/A Conversion quality of your receiver/amplifier, you can easily slide in a separate stand-alone DAC that gives better results.