DLNA renderer disappeared after some updates

my Volumio on a tinkerboard was correctly visible as a dlna renderer some updates ago (sorry, I cannot say since which version this statement was true).
Now, I cannot access volumio as a DLNA renderer anymore.

I have (today!) flashed a new sd with the latest volumio for the tinkerboard (same version of the box with the problem, though the first came to that version through updates). Playing gapless (OK!), renderer available (OK!). I did not find a way to figure out how to fix this situation. Also, if this helps, I would like to mention that the box which exposes the problem is connected via LAN, the newest is connected via Wi-Fi

Hope this helps. I stay at your disposal for any further information.
Thank you for the great work!

Hello everyone,
today I have executed the “reset” operation on the first volumio box (the one which could not be seen as a media renderer), and now the issue is gone.
So somehow this happened, but there seems to be a easy workaround, so it’s (IMO) quite a trivial issue.
Thanks for your attention!

Similar situation here. On latest non beta version 2.565 and my 2 DLNA servers (synology and minimserver) don’t show up anymore but only on my first volumio (got 2 running in same network with dhcp reservation on wired nw; wifi disabled). Rebooting the volumio did not fix it. Will try a reset. But I think this still should be put down as a bug. The only added plugin is TUNEIN and the only system change after initial deployment was to change the hostname once. Re-applying previous hostname did not fix this. DLNA browsing and playback works flawlessly on second volumio.