DLNA renderer but 16 bits only :(


With a P Ri B+ and a HiFiBerry DAC+, when I use Max2Play, I can use the ensemble as a DLNA renderer and send music (using foobar2000) at 16, 24, or 32 bits and it works great.

When I boot with Volumio on the same hardware, I can only send music at 16 bits. 24 et 32 bits make a very aggressive shhhiiiii noise :[

Any idea what I did wrong ?

TIA and best regards


A little “UP” as there were no messages and ideas… :cry:

I don’t know why I can’t use Volumio as a DLNA renderer when I send music at 24 bits or more. 16 bits is working OK.

This said, the Volumio interface being so nice and easy, I no more use foobar2000 to play my music :laughing:

If no replies on here, you might like to raise it as an issue on the Volumio github

I’m fairly new to the whole DLNA circus, as I’m using other types of control for my music.
Do you have any idea as to which renderer is used in both M2P and Volumio? There might be a setting we can tinker with. :slight_smile:

Or you can log it as an issue

I have no idea which components are used to become a DLNA renderer. In M2P, you check a box and it installs. There are not settings to change or play with. In Volumio, the function is included and no access to it through the GUI.

Maybe more infornation can be found by a direct access to the SD drive but I’m a very basic Linux user…