DLNA doesn't work properly

Hi there,

I bought the “IQAudio - DAC Bundle Kit”. Can’t recommend it, doesn’t work for me.

I can’t use Volumio itself because there is no possibillity to shutdown the system in a simple way (and wake it up again).

No problem I thought, let’s use DLNA (or airplay). No way. It simply doesn’t work. If it works, volume control by DLNA is a catastrophy (0-60% silent, 60 to 85 % normal but still quite silent, above 85 % enormous loud).
I tried a lot of settings in the Playback options: mixer none (seems to be the most logical, hoping Volumio would pass through the signal from DLNA to the amp), mixer digital and so on. Nothing works properly. What’s the reason? Is the bug in my brain or in Volumio?

I did a little research and I think I found the reason for this problem. Obviously the DLNA volume-control does not work the same way as the Volumio control does.

The Volume control only works properly with the DAC+ - hardware-volume-control if “natural” is choosen instead of “linear”.
Anyway this doesn’t take effect on the DLNA-Volume-control.

Anyone an idea how to change this?

Thanks a lot!

I must say I’m not seeing these problems with my Kali / Piano / Volumio set-up.
I can happily control volume from within the BubbleUPNP DLNA controller app, using the hardware volume buttons on my phone.
I am not seeing the massive volume jumps that you describe.

Those days we just completed a big rework of the DLNA part, and we’ll implement it soon

It seems to depend on the DAC wether it works with the alsamixer control or with the mpd - volume - control.

Obviously the dlna sound control only takes effect on the mpd - volume what means sound is not audible below a percentage of about 70.

Sounds great, I am looking forward to it. Can you say when it will come out?

It won’t be included in the version we’ll release this weekend, since the changes are substantials. Probably in 3 weeks.

That sounds great, I’m looking forward to it.

Especially because DLNA works even worse since the last update to 2.129. The Time-Line in my DLNA-Server-Software (Synology Disk Station “Audio Station”) doesn’t run anymore when streaming to Volumio and the playback stops after one track.
There are no such issues when streaming to my Yamaha-AV-Receiver via DLNA…