DIYINHK DACS experiences

Hello there. Some of my findings that can benefit others and save some time. I have a small collection of DIYINHK dacs that i tried to play with. Had alot of issues to get them to work but here is what I found out.
ES9023. Works with the 3 I2S wires, plays what you through at it and works with a number of drivers including the standard i2s driver. DSD works also.
ES9018K2M. works and plays everything with the 3 I2S connections, with the ApplePI driver, sounds better than the 9023.
AKM4495 (also 4497 and 4493). Raspberry ->Kali reclocker to provide the master clock and HiFiBerry driver. Best sounding of all 3 and plays all formats.
Now I am waiting for the DIYINHK 9038Pro that is corona stranded, more to come when it arrives.
I have also played a bit with the HifiBerry Dacplus hat, it also plays straight forward but the quality is below the 3 above in my opinion.


picture of the current implementation.

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A strange detail. The AK4495 works but the AK4497 cannot play 16 bit streams. Anyone has an idea what driver to use with that one? It means that spotify does not work:(

Not much happening in this forum, quite a pity. Anyhow I finished the first streamer, pi v4 4GB, Es9032proDAC, alot of power supplies, fempto clock opa637 I/V erc. It’s the best streamer I encountered until now, beats my MARANTZ Sacd by far.