DIY Streamer with Rpi CM4, touchscreen and RGB led button powered via POE

Hello all,
here is my little project.

Volumio 3 running on Raspberry CM4 (2Gb RAM). All is powered via POE

Audio card: HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro - Coax RCA out to the DAC
Display: Waveshare 11.9" HDMI with touch
Button: RGB Push button

I’ve made a little python script to control led color based on sample rate, add play/pause and shutdown to the button.

Code available at GitHub - i0466lt/mustang_streamer: Waveshare display and RGB Pushbutton for Volumio3


Software updated to v.0.3

  • Added function to choose action on button long press (poweroff or reboot)
  • Turn off led on service stop or manual abort