DIY Streamer DAC/AMP

Put together a little streamer with a suptronic dac/amp combo hat, an ssd for stored music, and a linear psu. The enclosure is printed other than the aluminum bottom and plexi top.


Looks really sleek with the huge screen. Just playing plugin?

now playing plugin. the screen is the 7.9 waveshare


That is really slick! Nicely done!

very nice; what components have you installed, and which case is it?

Looks great. How did you attach the display to the front panel?

suptronic x400 v3 dac amp combo, x862 ssd, pi4, and a linear psu I found on aliexpress.

push in from the front so it sits flush and mounted to the rear using their mounting points. Designed the frame in fusion. Printed the frame myself and had the aluminum bottom and plexi top cut at ponoko


What a beautiful design. Really inspiring!

Are you maybe willing to share the drawing files?

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the design is pretty specific to the hw I used

I know, but it might be a great starting point.

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Late to the post, but this is beautiful. Looks great.