DIY Speakerstands


I’m not quite sure if this is a topic for the DIY board or the Loudspeakers’ board. Some months ago I read about a cheap way of building a pair of speakerstands. Last week I built them and - it’s amazing - they’re cheap but completely functional and exactly fitting my speakers because the planks can be adjusted by size and material. As some of you might know from their own experience the sound of the speakers is extremely better reproducing the room of the record now. Before I had the stands the speakers have been residing in two racks standing on the wall.

The tutorial is in german language but I think it’s easy enough following the drawing and the list of material:

EDIT: This url unfortunately does no longer exist. … ightbox/0/

Anyway - the keywords “diy” and “speakerstand” will lead you to a whole bunch of ideas…
Have fun!

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Have already done a one legged version, one of my many “IKEA projekt’s”