DIY nos TDA1541 tube DAC Streamer (Rasp Pi4)

This is my first DIY DAC streamer build. I went with a RasPi4, TDA1541 DAC board, 6N2P tubes and a modular enclosure. I will list the major components I purchased below.

The system is running Volumio v3, PeppyMeter plugin and Tidal. I replaced all the capacitors on the TDA1541 DAC board with audio grade caps and is setup with no oversampling. The Lamizator tube section uses a PCB I purchased from a member on DIYaudio that I populated with audio grade components from Mouser. I have a friend who machined the front and rear panel of the enclosure. The front left blue button powers up/down the RasPi4 and the red button on the right is only used for the led as the main power indicator. The main power switch is on the right rear and the rear left switch allows you switch the DAC board between the USB input for streaming and the digital input for CD playback.

RasPi4 purchased used

TDA1541 DAC board Assembled CS8412 +NE5534 DAC TDA1541 Fiber Coaxial Decoder Board With USB | eBay

TDA1541 DAC chip - puchased used SONY CDP-750 CD Player in ebay

DAC board power supply 30W R-core Audio Power Transformers 30VA 15V-0-15V+9V For TDA1541 DAC Preamp New | eBay

NOS 6N2P tubes NEW 4pcs 6N2P-EV MATCHED QUAD Voskhod Rocket Tube NOS 12AX7 ECC83 7025 575 | eBay

8.8 inch stretched display - monitor with B driver board 8.8 Inch 1920X480 Ips Uitgerekt Bar Display Raspberry Pi AIDA64 Automotive Lcd Display 60Hz Driver Board Lange strip Display|Tablet LCD's & panelen| - AliExpress

Enclosure - Pesante 10mm face place, inner base plate, aluminum back plate and antivibration feet Pesante 02PN 2U 10mm NERO

RasPi cables to back panel are Adafruit cables purchased from Mouser


Exceptional and beautiful build

I like 2 kno the software you have on the pi?

The system is running Volumio v3, PeppyMeter plugin and Tidal

I have One More Question For You Which dac software you choose on volumio??

Thanks a lot fore the help❤️

I am running Volumio v3 streaming with Tidal.

@akabek i have almost te same system.
Only the DAC doesn’t work.
The TDA1541A.
The DAC sees incomming digital signal, but there is no analog out.
Did you have the same problem?

@Albert1973 I did not have any issues with the DAC. Do you have the same DAC board as I used? I modified mine as I was running tube outputs. Are you sure the TDA1541 is working?

The saa7220 was the problem.
Witch pins did you connect to go NOS?

This is the image I followed

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