DIY Internet radio for my kitchen?


via Google I found this forum, so maybe I can find some experts here for the problems I encountered while planning a new project: an internet radio via Raspberry Pi and a compartible touchscreen. Since my kitchen radio broke some days ago and I still have a Raspberry Pi around, that might be a good use for it along with a small touch screen. Some questions that came up:

  1. Is it possible to automatically start Volumino (or a similar software) after booting a RasPi, perhaps with a script of some sort like using the Autostart on Windows? If yes, how so?

  2. How to best manage the audio. Here I thought about using a small BT speaker. Is it possible to use these with a cable 24/7? Sound does not have to be that great, just at least better than the tiny little small speakers in my old radio.

  3. Now the hard part: Is it somehow possible to solder any kind of manual switch to a RasPi to get it to shutdown fast/automatically? Since I need to get up at 5am each morning while having only very limited time, I just lack the time and I dont feel like shutting it down manually each time.

I think especially #3 will be the hardest part. Anyone tried similar projects before? Thank you in advance.

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  1. The Volumio image for Raspberry Pi boots right into Volumio, it works that way by default, just like you want.
  2. If you are using the R Pi on its own (with no DAC), the headphone output audio isn’t great, but probably up to the standard of portable Bluetooth speakers. I can’t see why you couldn’t keep the Bluetooth speaker connected to its USB charger all the time. Battery life might be shortened, but if you can’t be bothered switching on the power each morning and off at night it’s probably OK. How about a plug-in timer for the power point it connects to? On just before you want to use it, off when you go to bed or similar. A pair of powered computer speakers such as those made by Logitech might be better than a typical Bluetooth speaker. You’d have stereo then too.
  3. Just leave it running, pause the radio stream when you’ve finished listening. I leave mine running 24/7, it’s only low power consumption and it’s always ready to play. I’d imagine you could set up a CRON job to shut it down at the end of each day, but that may get overwritten every time you do a Volumio version upgrade. I think it’s best not to do much Linux level fiddling behind the scenes with Volumio.
    I doubt you’d do much harm having the power just go off with a timer anyway, you could put the R Pi and speakers on the same plug-in timer with a double adapter or power board and have them both start before you get up and just power off at the end of the day. There’s a small risk of Volumio getting messed up, but it’s quite simple to re-image and start fresh.

I think I have something that can be a good solution for you.

I made a HAT for Raspberry Pi, optimized for using it with Volumio. It is powered by one of the latest amplifiers from TI, stereo output with 30W per channel.
The difference with other similar HAT in the market is a physical ON/OFF switch, to turn fully OFF both Raspberry Pi and amplifiers. The GPIOs that are not used are exposed on a 2.54mm connector, you can connect LEDs or push-buttons for safe shutdown of the Raspberry Pi.

You can connect a display with touchscreen if you want, both cheap and expensive ones.

Here with 3.5" touchscreen

Nice. Where can we find it?

it’s not available yet. I got the first batch of PCBs some days ago, for testing purpose. No issues have been found, I’m waiting for the quote of the 2nd batch.

At the moment I am initializing the amplifier with a python script, it’s working fine but no Hardware mixer is available. I already contacted someone for a proper Linux driver.

If you are interested in the product, please contact me in private, I can provide you one at production price.

Hi Darmur,

I’m interested in a test sample :smiley:

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Send me a PM

I just sent the order to the PCB manufacturer, I should get the second small batch within 3 weeks