DISREGARD: Raspberry pi image problem?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.853
Hardware: Raspberry pi 4
DAC: Klipsch R-51PM internal via USB

Hi. I’ve been using Volumio for a few weeks now running on a netbook where it’s been working OK. I’m now trying to replace that with a new pi4 but it won’t boot.

Problems as follows:

  1. Perhaps not relevant but Windows doesn’t like the download, looks like it’s opening a new tab but then nothing. I choose the “Save link as” option and I get the “Can’t be downloaded securely message”, so I choose to download and “keep it”. None of this was the case when I downloaded the x86 image weeks ago, but in fact if I choose that same image now it gives me the same warning. I see these are newer images from 20 November.

  2. I try to burn the sdcard with Etcher and get a warning that the decompression failed. I try with Rufus and that completes the write process.

  3. I then try to boot the card and get a green LED 4 flashes code, which supposedly means “no boot code found”.

Thanks for any help!

i hope you used a other image? x86 is not for a pi4

burn it with etcher or pi imager and your ready to rock …

If I were you, I’d first check the download…

  • Download the latest image file currently - volumio-2.853-2020-11-20-pi.img.zip
  • Check that the md5 hash of the image matches - 1f9276e7e5558b0fae745a8790355c05

If you are on Windows - you could run the following in Powershell to confirm
CertUtil -hashfile <path to file> MD5

Turns out I had a bad sdcard.

Still don’t understand the image downloading issues but that doesn’t seem to be my problem so thanks anyway!