Displaying different track to playing v2.729


Volumio 2.729 on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. My music collection in on another Pi that runs mini dlna and also a nas share. If I’m playing some music I’ve added to the queue, after a lengthy (say 30 minutes plus) pause and resume, after completing the paused track correctly, when starting the next one it often displays a different track to the one actually playing. The behaviour seems to be different between accessing via dlna and nas (only tried the nas a limited number of times). On nas it plays the correct track but displays the next one in the queue on the now playing screen. Over dlna, if often repeats a track while displaying the next one (the one it should be playing).

The dlna behaviour was also present on version 2.587 (not sure about the nas) but it seems, if anything, to be more frequent in the newer version.