Display settings in X86 Volumio

Hey everybody…

I ám fully new to Volumio, but sofar I like it very much.
I installed it on a LENOVO X86 platform with a nvme drive ussing the USB install to stick methode… perfect,…
Was able to make Network drive connections … installed spotify… Set-up radio stations… all fine.
Even manage to connect to it remote by phone and laptop… perfect!!!

Yet I run into a problem (or two)

I have a long 7,9 inch Touch screen but only half (or so) in used in portait mode… can not get to work in Landscape. It is 1280x400 resolution… with touch

Searched allot of posts about this topic and all boils down to running command and editing…
But there is no way in H** that I can get into a sensible screen to list, edit, change (and probably F-Up) Volumio on my X86 platform…

Can’t find a way to connect to plug-in’s other then provided for… Is there a an option for a Touch Display (Touch does work… in the screen)

How do I go about this?
I don’t mind doing things the hard way as long i’m able to get some results…

To recap the questions:
How do I get into the root of my X86 volumio install?
What do i need to change to get this screen working? or at least be able to change and experiment.

Thanks for the effort to help me out.


Hello you can try these commands

1-) sudo nano /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45custom_xrandr-settings
2-)sudo xrandr -d :0 -o left
3-) ctrl o
5-)xtrl x