Display serial data on volumio plugin

Hi everyone, I am busy with my own plugin…was wondering if its possible to display serial data on a plugin

What do you mean exactly? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by serial data :wink:

I need to monitor a battery level from another device (say arduino/PIC) and the data will be received from serial comm, either from a python script or nodejs. The data received will be a simple 0-100 value representing a battery level in percentage%.
Is it possible get data from an arduino/PIC via serial comm then display it on a plugin.
I hope my question makes more sense.

Yes, that’s definetely possible.
I suggest you to use this module:

Ahhh like that, yes you can :wink:

You need to create your CLI (command line interface) command and use that in the population of your plugin config screen.

If there are more results you can use the execSync and loop through the results (see var stdOut in this file).

A different approach is to place all data in a variable and loop through that later on, like this (see zones).

It’s not exactly what you need, but it might help you get there. :wink: