Display / Screen resolution on PC ( X86 / X64) Systems

I use the Volumio PC ( X86 / X64 ) system with HDMI Output.
It seems Volumio uses always the maximum resolution and i cannot find anything to change this.
When i use Volumio in my living room with a 4K Display the text is very small and i would like to change the Display resolution to be able to read and operate volumio from a larger distance.

Unfortunately, this is the way it works at the moment, the UI starts with the highest supported screen resolution.
Upto 1920x1080 that was OK, but with more and more hires monitors turning up, I agree this can become annoying.
I will investigate a smarter solution.

Thank you - That’s exactly what i wanted to hear.
Usually every operation system / display driver already has this feature.
But i do not know how complicated it is to make it accessible from Volumio UI
or to integrate it in the volumio settings as an intermediate layer.

Are you able to edit a file to test a quick hack?

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I have not yet tried to access the unix operating system level from volumio.
How can i do that ?
Where is the file and whats the standard editor…today.
I only worked with unix in the 90’s… and used vi i think.
I can only try that in the evening or tomorrow morning.

Good, try the following:
Press ctrl-alt F1 to get a terminal.
Then log in, userid ‘volumio’ password ‘volumio’.
Edit the UI startup script:

sudo nano /opt/volumiokiosk.sh

Tab down to ‘export DISPLAY=:0’ and add a line after

xrandr -s 1920x1080

Press ctrl-o, then ctrl-x to save and exit.

Thank you. This worked for me. Any chance this will be included in the setting UI?

Any chance this setting will be added into the UI?