Display on 128x128 OLED

I have an SH1107-based 128x128 OLED that I’d like to use with Volumio. In fact I think it’s fundamentally the same same as the SH1106-based displays.

It works perfectly with Luma.OLED. pydPiper doesn’t seem to have support for 128x128 displays, so I guess that Saiyato’s pydPiper plugin is not going to be able to drive it.

I haven’t been able to get pydPiper working independently of Saiyato’s plugin, otherwise I would set it up from the source and try to work out a 128x128 page display for it.

Has anyone else had any success, either with this display, or with running pydPiper?

Try MPD_OLED, and see if you can modify the files to work with 128x128 (defaults to 128x64).