Display 16x2 and I2C interface

Hi all
In my DIY project, I’d like to have a 16x2 display to show as usual track name, time…etc.
I’d like to have a display having black background and white text. I’d also like to connect it to the DAC-RPI3 gpio through I2C interface, minimizing the number of wires.
Searching the web, I’ve found several display with these characteristics, except the background color (very often they have white text on blue background).
Anybody can suggest me some model? I’d also like to have the I2C adapter alreadt solderer on the the back of the display…

thanks in advance


Is this what you are looking for ? :

It has an HD44780 controller.


Look at aliexpress many variants an cheap price including i2c Adapter.
Black, Blue, yellow, green. 16x2 16x4, 20x2 oder 20x4 Wide.

You have a working tutorial for volumio2 an hd44780 Display?

I already finished with activate i2c in Volumio2 but no output t the moment.

@Josh2000,: yes, something similar. However this is too big for me (I’ve already make the rectangular hole in my front panel. I’m also searching with the I2C board already soldered on the back side.

@Moby O. No yet, in the past I’ve seen a pletora of stuff related to that. Honestly I’m still deciding iwhich will be my OS (Volumio or Moode…). At now I’m more focused on Volumio…

Im finished for now with 16x2 and i2c connected to Zero Pi. Use the Plugin Hd44780 from Sayiato it works great. :slight_smile:


This LCD plugin works with 20x4 LCDs ? I install it and works , but only in 16x2 format :laughing:
Can i change something to make it work in 20x4 format ?

Thank you

check the plugin Settings. You can Change the settings.

Hi all,

Is there any guide line to add LCD to raspberry pi with mini boss dac? I have checked github page but couldn’t understand exactly, any documentation for dummies guide style? :slight_smile:
Also we can use 4 pin output of LCD screen to connect with this plug in?

Thanks in advance.