Discrete R2R DAC hat

Just finished my discrete R2R DAC hat. …

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If you’d use 1970’s sized components, I’d stand a chance

Nice work

My Prototypes are almost all thru hole parts.


Hi bigbulb,

unfortunately i had overlooked your message.
I really would like to test your R2R DAC HAT at my soundcheck event.
VOLUMIO soundcheck invitation for Hamburg, Germany
Do you still have any for sale?
kind regards

Hi, please check PM , thank you.

I am very enthusiastic about your discrete R2R DAC HAT board.
It is a pleasure to listen to it.
Please let us know here, if there are any improvements or new versions done to your board.

Hi Judydudi,

Thank you for getting back to me.
I’m currently building a small batch of new design , version V2.4, with individual switch on each bit , and it has much lower internal resistance .
For sound quality, it has more decent bass and more detail . The PCB is a little bit larger than previous one.
Here’s the photo of the DAC. Sorry for the low quality camera at low light.

That sounds good. It’s great that you’re continuing to work on it.
And with even more detail, it will be fun to examine the songs closely. Looking forward to receiving the DAC in the next few weeks!