disable Multiroom devices

Hi all,

Can someone tell me if there is a way to disable the multiroom devices? I would like to have two volumio servers on the same network, but I do not want to be able to let the one see or worse: control the other…


Sorry no way, but we can set it as an option in the future


Yes please… I’d like to give my two kids each their own volumio player, but can not trust them to keep out off each others music choice :unamused:

(young “adults” as they are)

Yes that would be good if this function could be switched off.
Those with player 1 can not control the player 2, if you do not want that. e.g. Children or other residents …


is there meanwhile a way to separate multiroom devices?
I would like to operate several rasperrys with Volumino 2 independently in the same network without seeing the others…

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Possibe if you put them on separate subnets.

Something like this https://mikrotik.com/product/RB931-2nD in frontof each device running Volumio.

Be warned that this requires some understanding or willingness to learn how networks operate.

You could also achieve something similar by compartmentalising with VLANS (MAC based for example), and thus isolate the devices. I find this quite useful to keep a check on all the “smart” stuff at home, just in case they try becoming too smart :wink:

My solution:

  1. Enable SSH → Go to http://X.X.X.X/dev → Klick enable on the SSH section
  2. Login via putty to the device with user volumio and password volumio
  3. sudo apt remove libnss-mdns (password volumio)
  4. reboot
    Now you can not browse other devices.
    To activate it again, just do the same but in point 3 do “sudo apt install libnss-mdns” to reinstall it.

I strongly advice against it, it will mess updates and result in unexpected behaviour which will be very difficult to diagnose.

As of now there is no official solution, and adding the feature of disabling discoverability of one device is really low in our priority list (very few requests)

On which port communicate the devices to each other? Maybe we can simply block the port. :grimacing:

That seems to remove the other devices from the playback screen.
it needs to be done on all the Volumio devices on your network.

Is there an ETA on an official fix for this.

Multiroom devices feature is a really nice feature but at the same time can be a real pain. especially when the other devices have instant control over each other right in front of them, either accidently or on purpose can cause problems.

There needs to be an option to enable and disable the feature