Disable hostapd / automatic hotspot creation

Is there any way to override the default behavior of Volumio2 where any network outage sends the host into hotspot mode? I am trying to set up a raspi2 box in permanent wireless mode with an 8192eu based adapter, but I can’t make it stay associated with my home wlan. It seems that volumio is very aggressive in detecting a disconnected state, and it refuses to leave my settings alone.

The issue may be related to power saving in the wlan adapter, but regardless of root cause, the constant reversion to hostapd mode is making troubleshooting very hard.

We ll add an option to disable wireless mode. Temporarily you can delete hostapd via ssh

Actually, Volumio still sets up wlan0 as if it were an access point with a private IP range.

I fixed it by editing app/plugins/system_controller/network/wireless.js:

[code]function startFlow() {
console.log(“Start wireless flow”);
startAP(function() {
console.log(“Start ap”);
lesstimer = setInterval(function() {
actualTime += pollingTime;
if (wpaerr > 0) actualTime = totalSecondsForConnection + 1;

                    //if (actualTime > totalSecondsForConnection) {
                    if (false) {
                            console.log("Overtime, starting plan B");
                            apstopped = 1;
                            stopAP(function() {
                                    setTimeout(function() {
                                            startHotspot(function() {

                                    }, settleTime);


How can i remove hostapd? After reboot its still there… :laughing:

I made one volumio for my mother. At my home everythings works fine with wlan but at my mother´s house after every reboot there ist the hotspot in network. :cry: