Disable blank screen

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Recently I have build a Rasp touch with the standard 7"inch touchscreen. After one minute the screen goes to sleep (out). What do I have to change (ex via Putty/nano) so that the screen stays always on. As I am not a programmer ; please a complete procedure. I am running the current latest version.

Many thanks for your help! I am sure a lot of people will be interested in that.

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Assuming you have the touch display plugin installed:

To disable the screensaver completely set the “Screensaver Timeout” to 0 on the configuration page of the plugin.

You can find this information in the info text you can reach by clicking the “i” symbol next to this setting.

Hi Gvolt,

Many thanks for your quick reply. I did not yet found those settings :slight_smile:


My pleasure! :slight_smile: