Disable background picture option


As the title says, I want to disable the option to set a background picture in appearance settings.

I found that I can comment/delete the HTML code for it in the file (Volumio2-UI) src\app\plugin\core-plugin\ui-settings-plugin.html but the default background picture remains there unless I click on a color.

It seems that the settings are stored in (Volumio2) app\plugins\miscellanea\appearance\config.json but even after changing the following lines, the app still uses the background picture


I thought the settings were being cached but even after generating a new IMG build with my new code, I can still see the random background picture when the wizard appears.

I am working with volumio-2.555-2019-02-18-tinkerboard for Asus Tinkerboard.

Any help?


I was generating the IMG incorrectly, now it works.