Directory Sorting Issues?


I’m running 3.233 and there is something wrong with directory sorting.

I have a ‘#hires’ directory in several locations but it is showing at the bottom of every list.

All other directories in the same location begin ‘(year) Album name

So it looks like:

— (year) Album name
— (year) Album name
— (year) Album name

I’m pretty sure ‘#’ should come before ‘(’ when sorting? It does in Windows?

Does anyone else see this behaviour?


I would expect “#” to appear before “(”, but i guess it really comes down to the implementation as there are no strict rules how it should be done.

It’s very much an OS thing. If you look at a list of files in Windows and then look at the same list in Linux you will see many sorting differences. It is not just special characters but upper and lower case are sorted different differently. TEST.txt and test.TXT are the same file on windows but will be different files on Linux.