Digitized CD collection

Hello, I digitized my CD collection and copied it to my Raspberry Pi and while I can play it through Volumio, very rarely do I want to play a single CD, how can I randomly shuffle the songs across all of my digitized music. I don’t seem to be able to find a way to do that. If there is no way to do this then is there a plugin that would allow me to randomly play my music?

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Volumio can’t, only in the way as explained by pwstereo
For this I am using Cantata. It connects with Volumio’s MPD.
Here you can create dynamic playlist and play them on Volumio.

One way to do it is to create a playlist that includes all your music. Then you can shuffle play the playlist.

Are you using Volumio 2 or 3?

Randomizer plugin works on 2.

Just being submitted for 3.

Thanks, I played with that a bit after I posted and that works but I will have to remember to update the list after I add music.


I am using Volumio version 3. I will keep an eye out for the release of the new Randomizer.