Digital Output for Raspi B


I want to connect my Raspi B to an external DAC by SPDIF or TOSLINK. So I wonder which digital output board are you guys using whith your Raspi B.

It would by nice if you can share your experience. Which board, which outputs are available on this board (SPDIF, AES/EBU, TOSlink), transformer or transformerless, suppurted output formats etc.

Many thanks!


I have have used the Wolfson Audio Card successfully for this application. It has one SPDIF out (Coaxial Type Connector). The model that I have clips together for the RPI B (not B+). Sound quality is excellent for the money.


Yes, Kevin has suggested the best option.

I’m using The HifiBery Digi board and it works very well.
You need to solder a connector to your Pi board.