Digital Hifi MusicPlayer

This is my DIY project of Volumio.

I have changed the stylesheet so the green colors are now blue and shows my logo in the top-left corner.

The front has a shutdown button to protect the SD card. A python script runs in the background waiting for a button pressed on the GPIO port and then does a ‘shutdown -h now’

The output ports on the back also includes HDMI for if I want to use a TV to check the config when (read: why) no network is active. It can also be used for when I boot with XBMC. :wink:

The output is analogue, using the HifiBerry DAC. Inside the case is also a USB hard drive with FLAC files. This SMB-shared directory can be accessed by a Windows computer to put music files on it. On the USB port I have put a Wifi dongle so there is no need for wired network. (and the sound-quality from the DAC seems better with WiFi). The player also supports Airplay and acts as a Squeezebox client.

EDIT: I have also added a schedular to plan the playlists to be played:



If the front switch is for shutdown only, how do you power it up?


Power up is currently done by connecting the power cord.
I’m now looking for a function to power it up and down with the button. Maybe somthing like this: … er-switch/


Where did you get those stickers at the back for the terminals?

Great Work!
Very professional Case and Ports.
Do you have some pictures from inside?

Can you explain how to install the script?


Thanks, I’ll give you some more details…

The case is a Galaxy aluminium case model GX283, puchased by (Italy) .
The front and the back are CNC’d and engraved by Schaeffer AG (Germany), they have an app you can download to design the panels and you can then use the same app to order it, allthough it is not cheap…
The Raspberry PI parts are purchased here in Holland at SOS-Solutions, the electronic parts like plugs and wires are from BAX-Shop.
Connected to the RPI I’m using a USB Nano Wifi adapter, a 500Gb USB hard drive and the HifiBerry DAC. All power is supplied by the original Rasperry PI adapter (5V/2A).
So far the hardware configuration…

The software is on a SD-card with the Volumio image 1.4 and after apt-get update, upgrade and rpi-update the basic installation works. Changing the /etc/modules file to get the HifiBerry DAC working as indicated on their website, … iguration/

Airplay is done by installing shairport - installation instructions are found all over the Internet.
Squeezebox client software is squeezelite and is also all over the Internet how to do this, even on this site’s forum: install-squeezelite-volumio-rasppi-t657.html

The shutdown button is running on a python script but I will replace that with a PI Supply Switch.

that’s about it…