DigiOne Player - No output, over time.

Hi Everyone

I’ve had my Digione Player for around one month - Initial setup was a straightforward enough, and for a day or so everything functioned perfectly. This device is coupled with an AudioLab MDAC (Coax), with content being served via an OpenMediaVault SMB share over CAT5e. Remote control is handled by the official iOS Volumio app.

The lack of output seems to come after an extended idle period, think an hour+ (so far sound hasn’t dropped out during play).

This issue usually manifests when I try to add an entire album to the playlist (clear & add), sometimes the track timer starts counting while other times it simply refuses to add anything to the playlist. After multiple attempts the interface generally becomes unstable, occasionally the library contents will disappear (despite still showing as mounted).

Note: All the while I’m still able to access the SMB share via other workstations on the same LAN.

Only a reboot will revive the device. I have updated both OS and Volumio in an attempt to eliminate the problem, but no joy so far.

Here are some logs:


Here is another log from earlier this morning, exactly same issue as before:


…presuming this error relates to failed communications with the DigiOne Hat, unless anyone can advise otherwise?

See here:

Good man, appreciate the heads up.

Hi John

we are checking the logs and will update you in 48h (tomorrow office is closed)