Digione o Mini86


i have a dac (Aqua La Voce) with SPDIF and USB inputs (asynchronous of very good quality).
I’m unsure whether to use a Raspy+Dgione (in SPDIF) or try the USB input with the your Mini86.
the Mini86 also has a video output that would allow me to view the Volumio screen on the TV beside the system.

What do you recommend these two solutions?

About the raspberry I see it has a video output … can you connect to tv to view the Volumio screen without making it crash?

thank you.


Both options are capable of running a screen although Volumio is intended to run headless.

Which solution is better depends on the DAC in this case.

In general, async USB is considered best for high-end DACs. As these DACs are usually master dacs with very accurate clocks, very clean power and multiple DAC chips.

But quite some DACs that have a USB input, internally do a conversion to SPDIF before going ‘downsteeam’ especially when the have an SPDIF input as well.(otherwise they need 2 paths to the chips but only 1 if the covert USB to SPDIF first).

So no clear answer and I guess you have to listen to both to hear what sounds best for you.

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