Different network channels

My wireless router has two wireless channels. So all laptops and tablets are on the 2.4ghz channel and the NFS server on the 5. Would Volumio work in this situation because technically computers are on a different network? Would a work around be to enter in browser Rasberry Pi IP address directly?

Many thanks


Technically the computers and the NAS are all on the same network, operating on different media (2.4GHz wireless and 5GHz wireless and possibly some sort of wired link) - assuming you haven’t given a different NAT setup to your 5GHz wireless connection?

My Pi, NAS storage, Router and laptop are segregated by different media - the Pi is on a powerLan connection, the NAS is wired to the back of my Mac Mini, that is wired to the router by 1000Gb ethernet and the laptop/iPad/Android Tab/Phone are all connecting via either 2.4 or 5GHz Wifi. In addition, there is a wireless extender upstairs (big house) working on a different SSID - but it all works swimmingly.

The key is - can you ping all the elements? If you can, the chances are they all can see each other too.