Different Album covers

So I’m new to Volumio and I’m trying to get it to work at it’s best and I retagged all my music (not that much ~40gb) and gave everything a fresh album cover image (imbedded in the file and in the album folder too). But now I have the problem you can see in the attached images: Knipsel.PNG

The old album cover still shows up, is there a way to make only the new image show up?

Volumio cashes cover images, it can get stuck if you change them. In Sources menu there is a button “Reset Album Art cache”. If you push it Volumio will clear stored ones and re-scan new ones when you browse them. Another thing is - Volumio looks for images in folder as well as embedded ones and if not finding one it will tray to find one on internet if allowed. I don’t know priority between images in folder and embedded ones, I think it may depend on file name,