DHCP doesn't work; manual IP settings won't take effect

Volumio Audiophile Music Player for PC (X86/X64)
VERSION: 0.976
RELEASE DATE: 28-07-2016

I’ve tested this on two different laptops. The behavior is identical. Ironically WiFi works on both devices.
On the device in the GUI under Network settings when set to DHCP no IP address is assigned. Checked with ifconfig that the card is recognized. When I set the IP address manually the settings take no effect, although there’s a notifier to alert me that network services have been successfully restarted after Save. When I check the card again with ifconfig the manual IP address settings have not been applied. IP addresses are available in my network zone, so that’s not an issue.

I’ve previously used Voyage MPD, which is also based on Debian 8.x, on the same hardware without any issues.
Any suggestions?



Know issue, we’re working on a fix :wink:

Is this resolved in 0.979?