Device list

I have been a jolly Volumio user for two years now and am trying to get Qobuz through my device. I have paid for the Virtuoso service and see this helpful hint: Make sure your device appears in the device list on your profile page, with a play icon nearby

What if my device does not appear on my profile page? - I can can’t see a way of adding a device (I am not very good with things digital by the way so do treat me like a very young child!) - I am not sure what information I would have to enter even if given the facility to do so!

All help gratefully received.


This is very easy: go to the UI of your raspberry (usually type your IP address). Then login into myvolumio.
Once done, enter in your profile. After a couple of seconds you’ll see your device automagically appearing in the device list.

Let me know if I can help you any further

Brilliant, Thank you! When does the Qobuz icon arrive on my UI? Do I need to restart the interface or just be more patient?


Go to my music and login with your qobuz credentials. After you ll see the qobuz icon

Yep That works. I notice I am signed up for a 30-day or 1 month trial. I already have a Qobuz account. Will this all resolve itself seamlessly once the free month runs out?

Thank you so much for your help. Now go and get yourself a glass of beer - it’s the weekend!