Developer guide

I think we should have some kind of developer’s guide, in the form of a wiki, where new developers may find out how to participate (get sources from github, set up some kind of “workspace” on their pi+workstation to make it easier to work on …)

It would also be the place where we can explain how to proceed for some particular tasks (for instance, how to add a setting in the database), and to have a brief overview of different technologies used in volumio. It would encourage, I think, people to get involved in the development.

Definetely agree!!!
We can use the volumio wiki @

I’ll start writing something…

Hey–jotak pointed me to that page and I think it’s a great idea! It would be awesome if you could add information on how to do rootfs contributions effectively.

The Wiki link is dead. Shows “Page not found” error.

Yep, after some spam attack, michelangelo took the wiki offline.
Comes back after the release of Volumio 1.5 (for all devices).

I think setting it to read-only should protect from those spammers. Most spammers are dumb bots anyway and it is usually easy to find a pattern.
I’ll wait until all devices are released. Thank you for your follow up.

yeah, but it should be a wiki from and for the community (where every registered person can edit and comment)

Would be nice to post here what was already written, for the time being (at least about this developer’s guide)