Detection I2S DAC

Hi everybody,

first of all sorry for my bad english, i’m italian (SHIS).
In these days i’m trying to connect an i2s dac to my Raspberry Pi running Volumio 1.51. The Dac is an AK4399 based board of Audiophonics.
I know that this dac is not in compatible list and there aren’t specific drivers but i want to try i2s for a future use of Volumio with i2s DSP module.
Mclk is provided by a 24.576Mhz TXCO and resample is fixed at 96khz for AK compatibility with this Mclk (and for reduce jitter on Lrclk).
The trouble is on i2s driver on Volumio: there is no way to set any on the available list because Audio Output remains in “Nothing selected”, aplay show “no soundcard detected” message.
Generic i2s driver needs something to detect soundcard?

AK4399 DAC need MCLK signal for I2S, while Raspberry Pi I2S does not provide MCLK (works only in asynchronous mode). If you insist on using this AK4399 for your little RasPi, you either use USB to I2S interface, eg. XMOS USB-I2S card from DIYINHK or you buy a very expensive I2S re-clocking card (I forget the vendor though).

I know that.
Mclk, as I said, is provided by external oscillator and output is fixed to 96khz to match perfectly with my txco (24.576Mhz).
This is only a test because the dac will be moved after the dsp module.

It’s software trouble.
I selected Hifiberry from i2s and forced asound.conf to sndrpihifiberry, now it runs.
So, in my case, Volumio 1.51 don’t set up Audio Output automatically when i2s driver is on. This with any item in i2s driver list. Why?