Detailed features

I introduced myself here :

So far, I’ve identified 3 candidates to fit a RasPi as a home DIY replacement for my Spotify connection :

  • RuneAudio
  • Volumio
  • Moode

1/ Did I miss a candidate ?

For each system, the website don’t detail very much the features so I have several questions before jump.

I like the recommendation system offered by online streaming centralised systems. As far as I understood, each above software scrobbles Last.FM and I’ll be happy with that. However, Id like to go a bit further.

Indeed, I like to rate things with stars (and it misses me with Soptify) so as to filter them afterwards

2/ Since I’ll almost only use Android apps, do the RuneAudio/Volumio/Moode apps permit to rate ?

Besides, I don’t want to remain chained to particular software. The worsts things for me would be a) stars in the software only or stars in file metadata (the latter because I plan to progressively replace my MP3 library with Lossless HD qualities, and I don’t want to lose ratings) b) sidecar files with ratings c) anything but synced with any online service like Last.FM. So…

3/ Is the rating system opened ?

Last but bot least, I like to be able to sync selected music in my library with mobile devices (like with Plex for instance), preferably by selecting formats (like 320kpbs on mobile for a FLAC24/192 file at home). So…

4/ Are there advanced sync possibilies ?