Despotify still broken?

Installed Volumio with the hope that de crackling sound when playing from NAS is gone and to make use of Spotify (despotify)

I still can connect to Despotify:

  • Connect to RaspyFi via SSH
  • type despotify, then :connect
  • login with your Spotify premium account
  • type / or :search

So far so good, but the search is not giving back any records, just like Raspyfy 1.0 beta… :frowning:

Yep, no spotify on Volumio yet…
Spotify changed their APIs, so no way to use despotify… We’re working to get something working really soon…


I have been using RaspyFi for awhile now and its a great project with terrific sound, the only thing I’m really missing is the possibility to play music from Spotify.

Found out that Pi MusicBox supports Spotify but the sound is not as good as on RaspyFi, maybe joined efforts between Pi MusicBox and Volumio would be a good idea? :slight_smile: Looking forward to trying out the new Volumio as soon as possible.

Thanks for a great sounding project.

Hi tprlo,
PiMusicBox relies on mopidy as its core, Volumio and Raspyfi use MPD. That is a precise choice, while mopidy offers spotify playback it has not the advanced settings and flexibility as MPD. So it is not feasible to cooperate with PiMusicBox to deliver spotify playback because our 2 distros relies on different sound servers.
I’m working hard to get spotify (and hopefully other services too) working on Volumio, but this is really challenging.
If you wanna deep into further details let me know, I’ll be more than happy to satisfy your questions!