Deleted Myvolumio Trial but charged anyway


I deleted Myvolumio Trial in advance, but I got charged anyway one year Volumio Virtuoso this morning.

Paddle will not refund me because they said it is an “end sales service”, and suggested to contact directly Volumi.

I tried to delete Volumio Virtuoso and now I have no subscription, but still not refund… so I paid a full year and I cannot even use it.

Someone can help please?


Anyone can help?
I cannot even use it now and I am scared to select it again, because sure I will be charged a second time!

Send us an email and we ll support you there :wink:

To which email address should I write?

I have the same … what is it?
If he resigns because he doesn’t answer me, why am I charged a fee?
I suggest that the MyVolumio team deal with it quickly - it doesn’t make a good impression.

My problem was solved very quickly (and kindly) after I sent an email, as suggested by previous post.

Great :slight_smile: but what address to write to?

support at volumio dot org

The proper address to write for support is

support at volumio dot org