Delete from Playlist does not work

Hey everyone. I stumbled upon this behaviour.
When i add tracks(all spotify) to playlist everything
works fine. But as soon as i try to remove a track from Playlist
i get the message that it has been removed but it still remains
in the list. In the screenshot i tried to remove the bottom track.

I have a raspi3b+ + hifiberryDAC+ and flashed card with etcher.
I tried to delete items with tablet, mobile and computer.
I also instructed the device to go back todo factory reset
but also no improvement.

Workaround i found:

Put playlist to queue -> remove tracks there -> store
queue in the playlist.

Works as expected with playlist tracks from NAS. Can you clarify exactly how you do:

Hey chsims1,

i recorded it. Please see

After recording i also connected via ssh and printed content of playlist
file where title is still part of after i made the video. So it is
no cache thing in my browser. Please see screenshot.