Delete button

With touch screens, it is easy to make a mistake. In particular, when you open the pop up menu to play music, or add some files to a queue, the delete button does not ask for confirmation.
Would it be possible to fix this problem before my teenagers erase my entire media library?
Besides, is the delete button really necessary in the volumio interface? Personally, I manage my media library from my file browser.

Only the content of the queue is deleted. Volumio can’t erase your library.

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As you can see on the screenshot, it’s the “browser.delete_folder” icon from the pop-up menu in the library tab.

Screenshot_2019-10-21_18-11-20 2.png

My library is internal and if I click on erase in the pop-up menu, the files are erased.
If not, why a “delete” button in the library pop-up menu (I’m not speaking for the queue tab)

You’re right. As I use a NAS to store my music, I never noticed this button, only available with internal folder…
Your page is not displayed properly on your screenshot. Try to empty your cache and reload the page

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You’re right, a confirmation popup will be safer