Delay audio before playing

Couple months ago I bought S.M.S.L D400EX dac. It works flawlessly out-of-box both PCM and DSD. This DAC has one design feature - it mutes/un-mutes audio signal using relays. Every time when audio playback is started or sample rate changes it mutes and un-mutes audio to prevent pops. Due to this design feature it chops of approximately 500ms of audio on tracks where silence is trimmed off during mastering.

My suggestion:

  • Add option to stream predetermined amount of silence before starting actual playback and between sample rate changes.

Up to 1 second should be enough. Usually albums don’t contain tracks with various sample rates yet I have some Chesky compilations that have tracks with various rates. I remember that LMS has similar feature built exactly for this purpose. As this feature probably needs work with MPD code I don’t expect it to be available near future.



Was something I’ve request, similar to what JRiver has.

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