default Volumio settings file

Hi there everyone

where can i find the (default settings file) for Volumio

I want to edit the (default settings file) so when i do system restore, I would have some on the main settings that i want

Best Regards to you all

You don’t say what settings you are trying to preserve, and there isn’t an editable settings file (as far as I am aware). Have you tried the ‘backup’ plugin?

I mean when I do (Factory Reset); I want to have some settings to bee saved.
for example i have (pFsense) firewall and it has a (default.conf) file, when I edit this file and i make a (Factory Reset) I still have some settings that i added saved, so i don’t have to start from the beginning.

As chsims1 says, there is a “Backup & Restore” plugin to do so. Install the plugin, back-up your settings and save the file somewhere safe - ideally not on the Pi. After you do a factory reset, copy the file back to the Pi, install the plugin and simply choose ‘Restore’.