Decent Classic Rock Web Radio Station

Can anyone recommend a decent classic rock radio station that can stream via Volumio? Preferrably in English language, or without too much talking.

Up to now, my go-to has been Absolute Classic Rock (UK), but they announced today that they are killing off their direct streams and the only way to listen is via their app, web page or DAB. So my little Volumio Pi radio is going to loose it’s feed.

Love my little radio, so it’s time to tune it to something new. Anyone got any recommendations that work with our beloved Volumio?

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It’s a Dutch channel:
Arrow Classic Rock

Radio Paradise Rock (flac if you add the url yourself to the radio stations).

Flac in volumio sélection too

Dependence on your definition of Classic rock, try or
When my Metal stations gets to annoying I switch to

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Take a look at this list Also Radio Paradise is available as a Volumio plugin.

Thanks all, looks like some great suggestions there.

I’m having a play to see if I can pull the stream URIs from the Absolute web page player to maybe make it work that way. But some of these may definitely also get installed into the radio as alternatives when their playlist gets a bit repetitive.

I’m not sure if this still works

Find out the url with Tunein :
All credits to @mrhk13 and he’s metode to find out the url for Tunein radio streams.

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I tried the equivalent in Chrome for the Internet Explorer option in your link, and so far it is working. I managed to pull a URI out of their player web page and put that into Volumio.

Even had the added advantage of including my account log-in, so I get more music and less ads as well.

Now the question is of course how long that link will last, and whether it needs to be periodically renewed if cookies or login data expires.

It won’t work in TuneIn as that’s one of the 3rd party aggregator sites/apps that they are trying to exclude by shutting down the direct streams in the first place, so those are all it will have. But going back to the source and their own web page is a viable option here.

JB radio 2, a Canadian station, had it on for weeks now, and my wife even comments on the music rather than asking it to be turned off!!! No talking, just great music!
Add this link as a new station in “my web radios”

That link is giving me a 404 not found error, even though it matches up to their website.

Even trying to play via their website player isn’t working, the only one I can get to play is the flac link ( ).

Will give that a try and see what’s playing though.

Works perfectly for me, and the mp3 stream, give it a listen anyway, I may look for flac stream myself!

S, funny, the flac stream will not work for me, all the others do!

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Maybe it’s geolocked (I’m in the UK), and they screwed the flac one up and got the lock backwards?

I’ve dug the Absolute URI’s out of their web player, so the original question is more or less resolved now anyway. But it’s good to have a few other stations on the roster for when I feel like something different anyway.

So thanks to you (and everyone else) for the suggestions and recommendations.

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I’m in the UK too, strange! Yes, I’ve managed to get url from Web players, not from the one I currently want! :woozy_face:

I have been listening a lot lately to Antenna Bayern there are a few of them and also in German which is great because I only want the music and not the usual inane rubbish on commercial radio about carpet sales and dog worming tablets. These stations may still have them but I dont understand them so it is a win win for me

couldn’t agree more, best radio ever

here my favorite classic rock webradio

1.FM - Rock Classic
or direct strem link

take a look also at all radios in 1.FM network…

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Try this, great music, and no chat whatsoever…

Tg Metadata high res jb Radio 2

I see that the music is stopped when song is finished, I need to press stop and play again for starting to play. Any ideea why?