"DD" capacity limitation problem on "USB" port

:slight_smile: good evening everyone

excuse my english, it will not be very good because I use an automatic translator, if it were it would be even worse!
This is my first message, and it’s a call for help.
Here, my configuration and the next.
Papsberry Pi-2B
OS Volumio 2
Memory, 16 GB SD card
1TB “WD Lab” USB hard drive connected to one of the “Pi” USB ports (NTFS)
Hifiberry Digi + Map
Dac “Cambridge Audio” (Dac Magic 100)

My problem is the following, I set my DD so that it is visible via an “Ethernet” link on the explorer of my “PC”.
In my Network Arboresence I can see:
Volumio / usb / DD.
Arbo Volumio 2 - Forum Volumio 151217.jpg
When I try to load music files via “Ethernet” to the “DD” via the “Pi” they are well taken into account (the activity of the DD proves it), but I can not exceed the value of the card “SD” (about 15 GB) loading on the HDD, as if “Volumio” was set as maximum 15 GB regardless of the size of the HDD connected to the “USB” port of the “Pi”.

Here, if someone could help me, I will be grateful.

Good evening everyone (French time)

Jean Louis